Create your own Story-time!

Create your own Story-time by following these steps!

  1. Find the stuffed animals you have the most of at home… dogs, bears, cats, whatever happens to be around your house. Mine ended up being dogs. Take pictures of the stuffed animals to create a “That’s not my” book as described below. Use cardboard (I prefer color to white). I  cut the cardboard in half to create my Big Book pages.             If you aren’t familiar with the pattern of a “That’s not my” book, Here’s my example:
    1. Page 1: That’s not my dog. Its ears are too __________.
    2. Page 2: That’s not my dog. Its eye is so _________.
    3. Page 3: That’s not my dog. Its nose is too ________.
    4. Page 4: That’s not my dog. Its body is too ________.
    5. Page 5: That’s my dog! Its tail is so ________.
  2. You can use any animal or object that is most abundant laying around the house.
  3. I used rings to allow the pages to come together to form the book. Create your own StorytimeCreate your own storytime.DSCF6926.JPGCreate your own storytimeCreate your own storytime

4. When performing the story for the kids, read 2 “That’s not my” books first to familiarize everyone with the pattern. There are so many “That’s not my” books to choose from including That’s Not My Dog, That’s Not My Bunny, That’s Not My Princess, and That’s Not My Dinosaur. As you read the Big Book you created, call on the children to fill in the blanks as you go. Be sure to read enthusiastically and ask for mothers or other volunteers to help coach the children. Be sure to have sticky notes and markers handy for children to fill in the blanks with their own adjectives.

5. Once you’ve finished, reread the Big Book you created to allow the story to flow with the blanks now filled in completely. Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below on your favorite part!

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