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Going from books with one or two lines on a page to a chapter book is a huge transition for any kid. Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack are  early chapter books that will make this reading transition easy and painless. These little chapter books are a level K or 20 (DRA Level) which means they’re at the beginning of second grade level. These would be perfect for your first or second grader or even your kindergartner.

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Billie B. Brown

Meet Billie B. Brown, a vivacious and bold girl ready for adventures! Filled with relatable situations, caring family relationships, and positive problem-solving, they are sure to take your early reader by storm! Billie B. reminds me of the sassy Junie B. Jones without the “s” word thrown in the mix. (stupid) She will help your reader remain confident in their reading, while easily wanting more.

No more than 50 words per page and in larger print! Vocabulary words are bold to make sure your reader notices them.

Early Chapter Books, Hey Jack, Billie B., Usborne Books & More

Hey Jack

Meet Jack, Billie B.’s best friend! Jack is a down-to-earth, funny kid, with real-life experiences. With larger print and no overwhelming blocks of text, these stories are perfect for the young independent reader in your life.

These crossover characters will make you laugh and smile and often make you learn something as well. There are 15 books in each series. And, when you fall in love with Billie B., you’ll be able to follow her in Billie B. Mysteries which is at a third grade reading level.

As a former reading teacher, I highly recommend these cute chapter books. Let me know which are your favorite and encourage your local library to invest in some as well!

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Early Chapter Books, similar to Junie B., Usborne Books & More, reading



  1. Don / Marilyn


    Cristina, We are trying to help a 9 year old girls who has not spent more than 1/2 year in school. She was never taught to read her mom was a crack addict. She has been put into the third grade and cannot read but a few words. We. Know we will have to start from scratch will the Billie B books be a good start along with using phonic flash cards. The school is not helping very much we are adopted grandparents just wanting to help a little girl.

    • Scientist Mom


      As a mother of two (9 and 6 years old currently) that helped them become readers, I’d say that you should wait awhile for these books. I LOVEed both Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack! books for helping my two transition to chapter books, but this was only possible after they had a solid foundation with simpler books. I think your challenge here will be to try to maintain interest while also getting over the frustration inherent to learning. I’d start with something simpler. We all love the elephant and piggy books, which manage to tell a good story in an engaging way with only a few, and often repeated, words in the book. Once the basics are in place, I’d suggest books like Elephant and Piggy before transitioning to Billie and Jack.

  2. Jill


    These books are perfect for beginning reading and would be great for a 9 year old to start with as they feel “older” than reading other early reader books. This 9 year old little girl is so blessed to have you in her life helping her! Just keep her reading as much as she can every day – our daughter had some struggles reading but making her read out loud 20 minutes a day has been one of the things that has really helped.

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