The Perfect Book for Little Hands

Perfect Book for Little Hands

Keeping a baby or toddler still enough to read a book is hard. Babies and toddlers move around so much, we need to use very interactive books to keep their interest. Of course, with our busy schedules as mom, sometimes it’s hard to research which books are best for our littles.

As they grow, their interest is harder and harder to keep. So, we, as their parents, need to look for and purchase quality materials to keep them learning.

Find a Book Your Child can Grow With

I love finding a book that my child can grow with. Your baby will start just manipulating the small book in their tiny hands, and up end, well… chewing on it. Eventually, though, your child will use this book in a completely different way! With so many uses, this collection of 9 little board books in a matching case is the perfect book for any baby or toddler.

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How will my child use this book?

There are so many different ways to use this book!

  • Stack the books like blocks
  • Put them in a line in number order
  • Read each individual book, talking about the numbers
  • Put each book back in its proper place in the case

My toddler, Brandon, started out touching and playing with the books as a one-year-old.

Now, as a two-year-old, he practices reading the books, tracing the numbers, and putting them back into the correct slot in the case.

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Other Books in the Series

My First 100 Words, My Farm Animal World, and My Wild Animal World are the other sets little books in this series. Although these titles are just as adorable, I Can Count is my favorite!

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