How the Instant Pot Changed my cooking! 

Having two young boys can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to dinnertime. Getting the Instant Pot has made cooking so much easier and less stressful!

Faster and Easier Cooking

I would prefer to wait to cook until my husband comes home so I can fully focus. Now that I’ve been using the Instant Pot a few times, I can wait until later to start cooking. That means better meals in less time. And much less stress about cooking. I’ve actually enjoyed cooking more since the Instant Pot.

 Better meals in less time.

Normally, I don’t like trying new recipes. The Instant Pot has changed that. I now try at least one new recipe a week. Why? Because I know trying something new won’t take any extra time away from my family.

Just making different kinds of chicken breasts or cut chicken pieces takes no time at all. Chicken Breasts? 8 minutes. Cut chicken pieces similar to nuggets? 4 minutes.

New Recipes

Actually, I’ve tried so many new recipes, I now regularly use the Instant Pot. This cooking device has even changed some meals from tolerable to delicious. Instead of buying carnitas as a local carniceria, I now use the Instant Pot. I’ve also never loved pork chops so much. Fall-off-the-bone pork chops!

How the Instant Pot Changed My Cooking
From refried beans from scratch to homemade mashed potatoes, I’m so glad I bought this many months ago. After a few weeks in the box and a bit of a learning curve once I was brave enough to open it, I have started to love the Instant Pot and I’m sure you will, too!

How the Instant Pot Changed my cooking Let me know what you think! I’d love to know your favorite recipes!

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