Take a Ride with Dan, the Taxi Man

As a former reading teacher and lover of grammar, I love onomatopoeia as much as anyone who loves onomatopoeia!

Dan, the Taxi Man incorporates great onomatopoeia, or words associated with sound, for each character that comes into the book. Ride along with Dan, the Taxi Man as he picks up a new character with a musical instrument essential for the band.

Book Reveiw of Dan the Taxi Man by the Reading Scoop

Eric Ode, a brilliant poet and musician, combines beautiful sounds of musical instruments with an adorable story of inclusion. Each character adds something to the band to make the music even better.  Children of any age will love this musical text in Dan, the Taxi Man.

Take a ride with Dan, the Taxi Man

“Here comes Maureen with her tambourine.

Shake-a-shake, crash. Shake-a-shake, crash. “

take a ride with Dan, the Taxi Man

I read this recently to my 2-year-old and he absolutely loved it! My son loves everything cars, so I hoped this would be a big hit. Since I read it,  Brandon requests this one again and again.

Take a ride with Dan, the Taxi Man

Take it a step further and get several children together for a playdate.

Create tambourines using paper plates, a bag of rice or beans, and a stapler.

And when you read the book, speak in different  animated voices as you tell the story of “Dan, beep beep, the Taxi Man.”

Book Review of Dan the Taxi Man by The Reading Scoop

If you’re excited for this book, check out Eric Ode’s other books like Too Many Tomatoes and Busy Trucks on the Go.

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