Crayon Object Activity

On a rainy day, I’m always looking for ways to fill time, especially when I’m a little terrified of the rain.

Today I thought back to my education days in the preschool classroom. I loved the creative art projects we did and still have my binder full of ideas.

One of these ideas is the leaf rubbing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go outside to get leaves, so I’m improvising. I picked up random objects around the house. Brandon and I went on a hunt around the house for objects, the flatter, the better.

Crayon object activity

Then, I got out some newspaper to put on the table so Brandon wouldn’t color directly on the table. Then, he (more like I) colored on top of the objects.

Crayon object activityCrayon object activity
This is probably better suited for a three or four year old, but we had fun and killed some time!

Next time we’ll get leaves!

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