Summer Reading Programs with Usborne

I just learned all kinds of ideas about summer reading programs. The teacher in me is going WILD!

I taught for 7 years before staying home, one year of first grade and 6 years of 3rd Grade reading. Part of me definitely misses teaching, not the grading or the politics, but motivating kids and seeing the light bulb turns on after days or even months of frustration.

I just went to a training on Summer Reading Programs with Usborne. This would be a great way for me to use my knowledge and skills as a teacher to promote literacy with children of all ages over the summer!

Summer Reading Programs with Usborne Books & More

Here are just a couple of  things I learned about:

*Community Reading Programs- pooling funds or collecting donations to reward children for reading over the summer. As a consultant, there is a ton of flexibility as to how to run the reading program. Older children could read to younger children as well as challenging themselves with new chapter books to earn brand new books at the end of the summer.

*School and Library Book Fairs- holding a book fair at the end of the school year and use the free books the school earns as prizes for students reading over the summer.

I cannot wait to work with parents this summer to motivate their children to read just a little bit more. As parents, we are our children’s first teachers and strongest example. Inspire you’re little readers today!

Summer Reading Programs with Usborne Books & More

If you are interested in hosting a summer reading program with your friends, let me know. I’d love to chat! Here’s just one of the books your child could get for free! New Young Adult Series

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