Adjusting to Life with Two Children

Adjusting to two children is not for the faint of heart. My new baby, Justin is almost 3 weeks old. As my in-laws have gone, we’re now adjusting to a family of four.

Brandon, my two-year-old, is having a tough time getting used to less mommy and more baby. Brandon will cry like Justin and constantly wants to be held. He’s testing his limits, trying to jump on the couch, climb everything, and throw his toys. Time out is a regular occurrence. While I’m nursing Justin, Brandon will yell, “Come on, Mommy, play trains.”

I miss the ability to play with Brandon anytime I want, but it’s already gotten a whole lot easier. Nothing was worse than the second night home from the hospital. I thought I could handle not putting Brandon to bed for the first time in months. I was downstairs with Justin and my in-laws while my husband, Daniel, was in the process of putting Brandon to bed. I panicked downstairs, knowing I had to be there when Brandon went to sleep, but I had yet to go up the stairs by myself. My mother-in-law helped me up just as Daniel closed the door to Brandon’s room.

Messing up the bedtime routine, I burst into Brandon’s room, crying and ran to hug my emotional and likely confused toddler. As he cried in his crib, I cried for minutes on the twin bed in his room. Shortly after, I left, only to hear the cries of my newborn. Both my babies crying at once. Heartbreaking.

Adjusting is two is hard, but so rewarding. When Brandon and I play in another room away from baby, Brandon will get up every couple of minutes to “check baby.”

Adjusting to life with two children
“Brandon check baby”

Brandon will lightly touch Justin and say, “It’s ok, baby. I know. I know.” When Brandon hears Justin cry, he’ll say, “Aww, baby crying. Mommy hold baby.”

These are the moments any mom dreams of.

These are the days that jealousy is abundant. These are also the days Brandon is slowly growing into the responsible big brother he will be.

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Adjusting to Life with Two Children

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  1. Love it! You’re such a good writer and capture motherhood well 🙂 Also, Brandon is such an adorable kid, but I know you already know that!

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