New Young Adult Series

If you’re looking for a new adventure series for yourself or your teenager, The Impossible Quest can fill the reading void!

‘”Tell your lord,” The wild man repeated.. Danger comes.’

Escape from Wolfhaven Castle pulled me in from the beginning. I love reading a brand new title with castles and hidden treasures amidst new characters that I could quickly consider my friends. Four unlikely characters join together as Wolfhaven castle is taken over and many are held hostage. These four characters must unlock clues to find the four magical beasts to save the castle.



The story gripped me enough that I was anxious to finish and get to the next book in the series. Escape from Wolfhaven Castle is the perfect first of a suspenseful series.

Forsyth sets up the dark and mysterious scenes perfectly. Her writing lends to great visualization, perfect for any pre-teen or teen. Whether this is read aloud in a classroom or a teen is reading  before bed, this story brings writing to life.

Suspenseful series are great for encouraging reluctant readers to get in the reading game. Readers can start with this fairly easy read and move on to more difficult text with a similar plot structure. Readers may move on to something like Harry Potter.

New Young Adult Series


Kate Forsyth, author of Escape from Wolfhaven Castle,  sets up the characters beautifully right from the beginning. You, as the reader, can tell which characters are friendly toward each other and which are enemies. But, when you think you have it all figured out, the author switches it up with a plot twist.


From friendship and loyalty, to deceit and treachery, Escape from Wolfhaven Castle includes many themes. Use these themes to discuss and delve deeper into the story.

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