5 Reasons to host an Usborne Coloring between the Wines Party!

All women need a night away from home. An Usborne Coloring Party is the perfect way to connect with friends and enjoy a great night in! Here are 5 reasons you should host a Coloring between the Wines Party:

  1. A Coloring Party is super easy to host. Provide wine and dessert for your friends, along with coloring materials (markers, crayons, colored pencils) and your Usborne consultant will provide the rest!
  2. Coloring is so relaxing! Coloring allows you and your friends to relax and keep conversation flowing freely.
  3. Get in some good girl time! This is the perfect excuse to get together with your friends and have fun at the same time!
  4. You could use this as a party in two ways.
    1. Have everyone that attends bring $7, the price of a coloring book (including tax and shipping). Everyone will walk away with a coloring book at the end of the night. Have some catalogs and books out for people to browse in between coloring. Your consultant can meet with each friend individually to make a wishlist of books from the catalog to increase your free books!
    2. Use one coloring book for people to color from and have your consultant bring a wide variety of books to browse. Take a good 20 minute break from coloring to show off your favorite Usborne books to your friends before getting back to coloring. Then your consultant can meet with each friend individually to browse the catalog and make a wishlist. By the end of the night, your friends will have a brand new picture to show off and some new books ordered!
  5. FREE BOOKS! Hosting a coloring party is a super easy way to get some quick party sales. Collect orders at the end of the night and show off your new colored pictures to all your friends on social media.

5 Reasons to Host an Usborne Books & More Coloring Party

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to host an Usborne Coloring between the Wines Party!

  1. I’d like to have two parties, one for my friends and one for teens. I do not drink or approve of drinking. So I ask we don’t include that at the party.

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