Find a Moms group!

Want to find a Moms group?

Staying at home can be a blessing and a struggle.  It’s wonderful to soak in the development and growth of your child, while it can also be incredibly lonely at the same time. This is why finding a moms group is so important!

Find Local Moms

Find some other stay-at-home-moms in your area.


  • Contact your local church and see what moms groups they have available.
    • Many local churches have a MOPS Group. MOPS, otherwise known as Mothers of Preschoolers, is a wonderful organization made for moms like you! Find out if there is a local chapter, or help to start one! Childcare is included in the fees when you join this great group of women! Grow in faith and community with MOPS!
    • Many churches also have bible studies with childcare as well. You can use this time to recharge so you are the best mom for your children.

Meet Up

  • Look into various events and groups on Meet up.

    • This website puts people and interests together. This includes moms and women of all interests.
    • Meetup is free to join. Some group organizers charge a subscription fee as it does take some work to plan groups meetings.
    • It’s super easy to set up an account. Just go here to start. Or, you can even get the new app to keep up on the go!
    • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start your own group.

Moms Club

  • Find a local Moms Club® chapter. This group, made up of at-home Moms of all ages, organizes multiple events right near you!
    • The group meets at playgrounds, parks, members’ homes, and museums to give all children a variety of activities to help them grow and learn.
    • Moms comprise the board to help organize and make decisions for the good of the group. This allows the group to run smoothly for everyone involved.
    • Playgroups are built around the ages of your children. You and other moms in the playgroup take turns hosting.
    • Moms’ Nights Out allow moms to decompress and bond together while getting a little away time from home life.

Work-out Groups

  • If you’re looking for ways to keep working out with kids in tow, these groups will be perfect for you!
    •  Baby Boot Camp ®allows moms to work out while staying with their children. With a monthly membership, enjoy the benefits of a gym through a certified fitness instructor. Learn fitness and nutrition techniques while staying at home with your children and meeting moms like you at the same time! Follow the blog here!
    • Another great option is Stroller Strides®. Stroller Strides® is a workout program based around strollers and moms with their babies in tow. Get in great shape while forming long-lasting friendships and never leaving your children’s side.

I’m currently in both Moms Club® and MOPS. I love them both! I have several friends that are members of the various other groups as well.

Let me know which groups you decide to try!

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