How to take the Perfect Family Christmas Picture!

Before Taking a Picture:

  • Get to know your camera setting, especially which settings will work best for family pictures. For me, I use both the portrait setting (for close-ups) and sport (for moving-objects or children)
  • Check the lighting to see if a flash is necessary. Take a few test shots to see whether flash or no flash come out the best.
  • Use the mode that takes multiple shots at once.
  • Test out the self timer to see which time works better. (My camera, a Fujifilm X-M1 has a 2 second and 10 second setting. By the time I run back to my position 10 seconds is great!)

Now for the fun part! Start with a cute, photogenic kid. Make sure everyone has some Christmasy clothing, set up the tripod, and start shooting. Use the shooting mode that takes several pictures at once while using the timer as well.


No one loves a perfect photographer, so insist on a fuzzy picture!


While you’re at it, chop some heads off too! We might look giant, but we’re only 5’0 and 5’8.


Get a cute kissing picture! DSCF9425.JPG

Take a few with your children and either mom or dad alone.



Say cheese and pretend everyone gave their best smile!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


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Websites I found helpful during our photo session include:


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