5 Ways to Embrace Christmas with Kids

This time of year can be crazy for anyone, and even crazier if you have children. Because children can sense the chaos around them, you need to keep your children active to save your sanity. There are all kinds of Christmas Activities for Children.

Christmas Activities for Children

Here are just 5 easy ways to embrace the Christmas spirit with your kids.

  1. Go see Santa in all his glory. The Santas at Bass Pro Shop are the absolute best! While you’re there, get a FREE picture with Santa and let your children explore both Santa’s Wonderland and Santa’s Toy Shop. See the fish and other animals, and heck, you might even be able to buy a gift or two. It’s best to go in early morning before the long lines form.
  2. Make or buy a little tree for just your children to decorate. This year I made a felt tree for my toddler to include him in the holiday decorating. I even added buttons so we could add a string of bells through the years. If your children are older, have a special tree just for them or even include them in new ideas for decorating the tree this year.
  3. Make and decorate Christmas cookies together. if they’re good, you could even have them lick the spoon in the making process. Let your children go wild with the sprinkles. Then, have your children help to give some of the cookies away.
  4. Blast Christmas music and have a dance party! There are so many good Christmas songs, young and old.
  5. Set aside a night to see the Christmas lights. Some towns even have a hayride through popular neighborhoods. If not, grab some hot cocoa to go, get in the car, put some music on, and enjoy a well-lit festive neighborhood near you!

Christmas Activities for Children

Let me know what ideas you come up with! Merry Christmas!

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