Pumpkin Patches for Literacy

DSCF2787.JPGBuild Background Knowledge

Part of building literacy is building up your child’s background knowledge. Every time you expose your child to a new experience, you are building up your child’s background knowledge to new words and information.

Pumpkin Patches for Literacy. Build up your child's background knowledge of the fall using pumpkin patches. Then get all kinds of fall books! #pumpkinpatches #fall #thereadingscoop Follow my blog at thereadingscoop.com

At Home and Away

Children learn much of their vocabulary by reading and doing. Use the back-to-school time to build vocabulary through everyday and extraordinary experiences. At home, use new, unusual words frequently throughout the day. My husband and I now say parched instead of thirsty to reinforce this new word for our growing toddler.

When you’re out taking advantage of the many fall activities, read before and after an event to cement new words into your child’s brain.

Read Before and After an Event to Cement New Words into your Child’s Brain

Did you know that children can often read on a higher level when a book has a familiar topic? For example, if a child goes to airplane museums and learns technical names for airplane parts, he/she might read a airplane book on a 5th grade level, compared to other books on a 3rd grade level.

Exposing your children to new experiences only brings joy, excitement, and more opportunity for learning.

This time of year, the fall, is an excellent time for all kinds of exposure: Pumpkin Patches. Many pumpkin patches have face-painting, hay rides, and petting zoos, aside from the vast variety of pumpkins. Use this time as a family to grow and learn together.

Then, get fall themed books on pumpkins, apples, hay rides, weather, leaves, scarecrows, and so many more. Here are a few websites with some book ideas.  http://www.apples4theteacher.com/holidays/fall/kids-books/



I absolutely love Fall! Enjoy pumpkin patches with your family and then cozy up at home with some nice fall books!

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