Reading through the Mail

Sometimes we get in a reading rut where we’ve read the same book over and over and over again. This gets old FAST. One quick way to change it up is reading through the mail.

I’m not very consistent at getting the mail quickly, which is even better for reading through it! There’s lots of junk to choose from. The more junk, the better!

The best place to start  are all the ads, especially grocery store ads. Start with the pictures of food familiar to your little one: strawberries, bread, milk, bananas. Talk about the prices, what’s on sale, which items you should buy at which store.

Untitled design(1).png

You could even go a step further depending on the age of your child(ren) and cut out items in the ads to organize. Divide the pictures into food groups or make a meal out of the pictures. Glue the pictures on paper to create a food collage.

Think outside the norm to make reading interesting:

  • catalogs of any kind (clothing, hardware, direct sales)
  • junk mail
  • ads
  • credit card offers
  • magazines
  • fast food menus

This past week I’ve read grocery store ads, furniture store ads, as well as using home improvement ads. My 17 month old loved my imitation of a drill.

Switch up your reading at home with your child. Get creative and share what you’ve done with your little one!

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