Adult Conversations

Everyone needs adult conversations, especially stay-at-home moms!

I worked a booth a couple of weeks ago selling books. It was at the school where I taught third grade before having my son. Staying home all day, sometimes I forget how invigorating it is to converse with people. I love striking up conversations with new people. I love hearing about their children and grandchildren with love and admiration in their voice.

You know, staying home, I don’t get a lot of adult conversations. There was a day at the beginning, when baby Brandon was just weeks old, when my husband would come home and I would think, have I said anything out loud today? Social media does NOT count! Typing conversations, liking comments, or now “loving” a picture is not the same as conversing with another human.

I love staying home, but I also love talking. I love exchanging stories.

That’s one thing I really miss about teaching: having a platform to teach and story-tell, to both adults and children.

That’s why I’m so glad I found a new outlet, even if it’s once every few months. I like being on display, having my books on display, putting myself out in the world, and meeting new people.

I like being brave for once, putting on something besides workout clothes and pajama pants (who am I kidding? That’s definitely a plus for staying home).

I like connecting with other people, having something in common. And as parents, we all have something in common.  “Oh I know how busy it can be. I have kid(s).” Parents have this huge thing in common. I don’t know much yet and haven’t experienced a ton. Brandon’s only one. But, nevertheless, parenting is a common language.

Just remember, when you meet a stay-at-home mom, and sometimes they stumble throughout a conversation, or they seem like they are rushing to get through five stories at once, you have the opportunity to allow an extrovert to energize.

Brandon’s getting older now (a whole 14 months!). He and I are having some quality conversations; at least I think we are. Boy, do these kids talk back early! The way he looks at me, sticks his chin out, and repeats the same words with increasing volume.

I love what I do. I love being home, selling books, and sometimes, on occasion, a good heart-to-heart adult conversation.

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