“Bears Don’t Read” by Emma Chichester Clark

Hi! This is Cristina and this is my first book review with a few educational thoughts, as well.

Today I’m talking about “Bears Don’t Read,” by  Emma Chichester Clark.

I actually read this story out loud to myself and my husband one night and laughed out loud, which is a regular occurrence, but not usually during a children’s book. This adorable book tells the story of George, a bear, who longs for a different life from a normal bear, a life where he can read. “Bears Don’t Read” follows George in his quest for literacy. He finds a book and  searches for it’s owner throughout the town. After terrorizing the people that spot him, George encounters sweet Clementine, a little girl, who helps him learn to read. All George’s dreams come true after a few crazy moments along the way.

Review of Bears Don't Read with the Reading Scoop

In the Classroom

“Bears Don’t Read” is the perfect book for any Kindergarten or First Grade classroom read-aloud. Children will fall in love with a bear that wants to read just like them. This story brings reading to life and supports strong literacy.

As you read this story to your class or your own children, talk about the vivacious vocabulary throughout the story. Ask key questions to keep your students’ (or children’s) minds alert and active. Create a writing connection.

Vivacious Vocabulary:

  • gigantic
  • surrounded
  • peered
  • shrieked
  • peculiar

Key Questions: What would you do if you found a bear in your library? If you met a character from a book you read, which character would you want to meet? If George was a tiger instead of a bear, how would the story change?

Writing Connection:

  1. Continue the story. Write about George and Clementine’s journey after this story ends.
  2. Change “Bears Don’t Read” to another animal like Monkeys Don’t Read and write a new story.
  3. Write about how life changes for George’s family while he’s gone. Do they want to learn to read, too?

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Book Review of Bears Don't Read with The Reading Scoop


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