The Beginning

The Leap

So, I’m making the leap! I’ve decided to start a blog.  After leaving the classroom (third grade) to stay home, I thought my life would be completely fulfilled by staying home with my baby boy. Don’t get me wrong. I adore staying home and I love being a mommy. Later on, I realized, though, I needed to exercise my mind more outside of the daily activities. I joined Usborne Books & More to exercise my mind and drive my passions: education and literacy.

Joining Usborne Books & More

Since I joined Usborne, I’ve been able to work with schools and talk with like-minded people about education, books, and children, three of my favorite things! Joining Usborne brings my mind alive vibrantly just like it was actively aware when I was teaching.

So now I’m trying to hone my mind and work into something I’m good at: reading children’s books and analyzing their use. My purpose for this blog is mainly to get books into the hands of teachers with an easy purpose in mind. As a teacher there is no time to search through books to find what lessons correlate with which titles. That’s my purpose.

Commentary by Cristina

I love writing commentary about books! Check out some of my blogs about books like Books that Build ConfidencePerfect Books to develop Imagination and Creativity, and This or That? Animal Books for All Ages.

Once a teacher always a teacher. I’ve included some lists for teachers as well! The Perfect Books for Elementary Teachers

I’d love to stay in touch!

That’s the Reading Scoop,



A year later, 42 more blogs have been written and I have one more baby boy.  Joining Usborne Books & More has forever changed my life. My recent visit with author, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt inspired me even more than joining Usborne. 

Overall, blogging has been a big part of my life and will continue to be. If you write or blog,  leave me a comment with your website, so I can follow you in your journey.

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