The Beginning

The Leap

So, I’m making the leap! I’ve decided to start a blog.  After leaving the classroom (third grade) to stay home, I thought my life would be completely fulfilled by staying home with my baby boy. Don’t get me wrong. I adore staying home and I love being a mommy. Later on, I realized, though, I needed to exercise my mind more outside of the daily activities. I joined Usborne Books & More to exercise my mind and drive my passions: education and literacy.

Joining Usborne Books & More

Since I joined Usborne, I’ve been able to work with schools and talk with like-minded people about education, books, and children, three of my favorite things! Joining Usborne brings my mind alive vibrantly just like it was actively aware when I was teaching.

So now I’m trying to hone my mind and work into something I’m good at: reading children’s books and analyzing their use. My purpose for this blog is mainly to get books into the hands of teachers with an easy purpose in mind. As a teacher there is no time to search through books to find what lessons correlate with which titles. That’s my purpose.

Commentary by Cristina

I’m thinking I’ll write a weekly blog with Commentary by Cristina. Hope you enjoy! My first commentary is just around the corner. (cristinasbookcorner)

Once a teacher always a teacher.

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That’s the Reading Scoop,



A year later, 42 more blogs have been written and I have one more baby boy.  Joining Usborne Books & More has forever changed my life. My recent visit with author, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt inspired me even more than joining Usborne. 

Overall, blogging has been a big part of my life and will continue to be. If you write or blog,  leave me a comment with your website, so I can follow you in your journey.


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