Bless Families Hit by Hurricane Harvey

Families all over the Houston area have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. My Family  was  fortunate and only lost our use of sewage for a few weeks.

I know families personally that were greatly affected. Whether they lost it all or ended up knee-deep in mold and drywall, these families could use some love. I’ve been thinking about a fun and different way to help out some local families.

Free Book Rewards

Being in the book business with Christmas just around the corner, I thought getting some new books to these families would be a great way to bless them.

Throughout the month of October, when you purchase books, all the free book rewards will be given to local families hit by Hurricane Harvey. For every $1 you spend on books, $.50 will go towards books for these families and their littles.

For example, say you spend $50 on books. $25 will then go to a family in need. My goal is to raise $200 in FREE Books. This would allow $50 for 4 different families local to the Houston area.

I hope these books would ease the burden of Christmas gifts coming up or just lighten the mood a tiny bit.

How can I help?

  1. Buy some books for your family this holiday season. Any purchase using this link will help support local families in the greater Houston area.  Make sure to get the books shipped to you, unless you’re local and you will pick up the books at my house. Choose “Ship with organization” if you’d like the books shipped to my house.

Purchase for a Purpose, Bless Families hit by Hurricane Harvey 2. Also, you can nominate a local family in need by emailing me @

I hope to get as many families books as possible. I will do a raffle from all the entries  and each family will get to choose $50 worth of books for their children.

Bless Families Hit by Hurricane Harvey

3. Lastly, Share! Share! Share! You never know who might want to purchase books for a purpose OR may know a family to nominate!

Thank you for your support! I can’t wait to share how many families you helped this fall!

That’s the Reading Scoop,

Read Cristina



How teaching Reading prepared me for Usborne Books & More 

I spent my first 7 years after college teaching in a public school. During six of those years, I taught Third Grade Reading with a year of First Grade mixed in the middle.

I absolutely LOVED teaching Third Grade. I loved reading to my students and inspiring them through books, new vocabulary, and amazing text features.

After having my firstborn son in February of 2015, I never went back to teaching. Do I miss parts of teaching? Definitely! But I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I love staying at home with my boys and I’m so grateful for this time.

I’m even more blessed because I get to use so many of my favorite parts of being a Reading Teacher in my new job with Usborne Books & More.

Here are three ways working with Usborne Books & More reminds me of teaching:

1. I love Storytime!

I could have read to my students ALL DAY LONG! Now, I host Storytime at my house once every couple of months. I have lots of fun Storytime themes coming soon! I use my teacher voice to compliment the children sitting nicely and even give prizes at the end!

2. I Frequently use Reading Levels

I speak DRA. As a Third Grade Reading Teacher, I tested my students on their Developmental Reading Level, basically what level the child could read on their own and what level they could read with help. I used that knowledge to recommend books whether in the classroom or in the library. We filled out charts to show growth in reading levels and build confidence at the same time.

Now, when a parent or Grandparent tells me their child’s DRA, or other reading level, I use that knowledge to recommend great Usborne and Kane Miller books. I point out text features and vocabulary. My passion for books and education fits perfectly in my job with Usborne Books & More.

3. I Sell Books

In the classroom, I sold books to my students. Knowing my students’ reading level and interests, I matched my students with the perfect books!

I get to do this now, too. Through Usborne Books & More Educational Services, I work with schools and libraries. I conduct Book Fairs and $5 Book Days. During these Book events, I recommend great books to students. Last year at a local Houston school, while working a book fair a child came up to me and said, “I started reading the book you told me to get yesterday. I love it!”

Just like in the classroom, when I heard, “I’m a great reader because of you, Mrs. Mejia,” I know I am making a difference. I’m making an impact.

Will I ever go back to the classroom? Only time will tell, but, for now, I know I’m so happy doing what I do. I love spreading literacy! And I love staying home with my boys!

Work with Schools Alongside Me

There are many other ways being a Reading Teacher prepared me to work with Usborne Books & More. Educational Services is opening up to new consultants in a few months, allowing consultants to become Educational Service Representatives to work with Schools and Libraries.

I’ve found a passion that fills me to my core and for that I’m truly grateful. There are so many schools throughout the Houston area, let alone throughout our entire nation, that would be greatly helped by the many programs available through Usborne Books & More Educational Services.

If the possibility of working with schools and libraries interests you, contact me for more information.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Commentary by Cristina

My thoughts after Hurricane Harvey

I’ve been debating what to say the past few days. My family and I are safe and some of the fortunate few in the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

The past week seems like it has lasted a lifetime. I’ve seen friends lose it all and a good portion of our city is still underwater. From Kingwood to Deer Park and Katy to Beaumont, Texas was and is still affected.

I’ve been hooked to the news, crying while watching the various stories and wondering how my help can ever be enough.

Minor Inconveniences

My family will only be inconvenienced with different routes and local closings after the storm ends.  Our local library and favorite Play place, Funky Monkey, closed for an indefinite amount of time due to extreme flooding. Most recently, we found out we need to stop using our water to shower, do laundry, and wash dishes. Again, these are minor inconveniences.

Others have lost their homes, belongings, family, schools, and some their hope of a safe and happy future here. Some may not go back for weeks or months.

The struggle here is real and for many has just begun.

It’s strange, because while my family and I are in this bubble of the fortunate, we are still seeing the effects of this storm daily, whether on Facebook, down the street, or on the news.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country has moved on.

I find it odd to read Hollywood gossip or see all the Facebook posts that have absolutely nothing to do with this Hurricane. 

I’m sure this is how I’ve acted with past disasters not in my immediate area.

I’m sure I have posted, “Thoughts and Prayers” and moved on.

It hurts to see how unaware some people are and I didn’t even flood.

Learn from This

In the weeks and months to come, volunteers will go back to work. People will pick up their old habits and move on with life.

Others won’t be able to and will never be the same again.

I hope and pray we learn from this. I hope and pray this horrible catastrophe changes not only this state but this country. I hope we remember how well we can work together. I hope we solve disagreements while still recognizing our shared humanity.

Growing Up

I didn’t grow up in Texas. I will tell anyone I grew up in Arkansas and I will always call Fayetteville my hometown. Even though I love Fayetteville, I will always hold a special place in my heart for Texas.

I lived here when I was what, three or four? I don’t remember much outside of the comb our neighbor wore in her hair. We lived in Keller, outside of Dallas, and moved afterwards to Memphis and then finally to Arkansas.

Growing up, we would always travel to Texas for holidays. My parents, both from Dallas, had family in Dallas and Houston. My Momma and Daddy were and still are “those Texans” you hear of that are so full of pride, they boast about Texas everywhere they go, although they loved many other states they resided in as well.

I remember my friends mocking me in high school for our Texas-themed basement with  a Texas mural showing the skyline of Dallas  with a Texas flag on the ceiling and a cowboy welcoming you downstairs with a “Howdy, y’all” sign.

My Thoughts After Hurricane Harvey, Houston Texas, Book Drive for Needy Houston Schools after Harvey

My Love Runs Deep

I’ve always been a “go against the grain” kind of person. I read Harry Potter 10 years after all my friends, was more liberal at Texas A&M, didn’t get an Aggie Ring when everyone else did, but got one a year after college. I will never say “I was never born here but I got here as fast as I can” but I will always have a deep deep love for Texas.

I met my love here. I had my precious children here. Most of my family is here.

This next few months will be hard for many. I’m so grateful for my moms’ groups which will allow me to actively support those who need it most directly in my area.

My Passion for Literacy

With my background in teaching and my passion in literacy and learning, I’m going to focus on helping schools in the next few months. If you’d like to contribute to my book drive to help rebuild local school libraries, you can donate to my youcaring fund. Or, you can buy books for your family, and your contribution will be matched 50% to get books in the hands of needy schools.





Work with Schools and Libraries

Work with Schools and Libraries

If you just joined Usborne Books & More, you might be wondering what it takes to work with schools and libraries.

Educational Service Representatives

Educational Service Representatives, formerly known as Educational Consultants, work their book business just like other consultants through home parties and Facebook parties. In addition to these parties, Educational Service Representatives (ESRs) can work with schools and libraries to promote literacy even more!

As a former reading teacher, working with schools and libraries is one of my favorite parts of this job. From Book Fairs and $5 Book Days to grant programs and fundraisers, there are so many options to work your Usborne Books & More business through schools and libraries.

How to Become an Educational Consultant

I was one of the lucky few that got to work with schools and libraries right when I joined 2 years ago. As a former Reading Teacher, I love working with schools and libraries. Through Usborne Books & More Educational Services, I have conducted book fairs, $5 Book Days, and helped schools use grant money to get more books for FREE!

During Convention this past June, Home Office revealed a thrilling announcement!!

The School and Library certification will be back this fall 2017!

Get Certified Soon

Current Educational Consultants will begin the re certification process September 12 with the School and Library Division fully open to new consultants October 3.

This is great news to all those new consultants that joined from the June Special! Because fall is the best time of year for Usborne Books & More,  this announcement couldn’t come at a better time!

Work with Schools & Libraries, Usborne Books & More Educational Services, Education, Books, Libaries, Schools

In addition, Home Office has also hired new people in the School and Library Sector and there will be new trainings available to all Educational Service Representatives as well.

More Information

There is certainly more news to come. Home Office is sending weekly emails until the certification process begins.

Be on the lookout for more information. Follow me on social media @ReadCristina and I will update as I am able. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you’d like more information, be sure to contact me.

For now, that’s the Reading Scoop,

Read Cristina







Remember the Holocaust… Again

Pretty much every Sunday morning, I watch all of the news shows to get caught up on the week’s events.

Today I saw images and videos from the Charlottesville Protests.

I saw people shouting, “I won’t be replaced. Jews will not replace me.” This saddens me to the core.

These are just words and if you don’t actually think of them, you can go about your day not worrying about growing racism and white supremacy. On the other hand, if you truly think about them, it’s easy to see the sickness around these two phrases.

I have always been interested in learning about the Holocaust. I’ve had many experiences in my life that cemented this interest in such a horrifying time in our world’s history.


In 11th grade I sang in a Holocaust operetta based on the poems in I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

I played a mischievous little boy who died at the hands of the Nazis. I sang about playing with a mouse I found at home before my sad day came and I, as the little boy, died.

When I got the part in the operetta, I brought my research paper from Mrs. McNair’s AP English class about the effects of the Holocaust on the third generation of Holocaust survivors.

My parents watched the operetta held in a Unitarian church. As my parents watched the operetta about the Holocaust, the lady next to them commented about the Nazis she saw coming through the entrance of the church. “Oh, they’re Nazis, but we must be open-minded,” the lady stated.

Soon the woman learned these Nazis were part of the play and not actual White Supremacists.

I’m sure she later regretted her “open-minded comment” and went on to watch the play.

Anne Frank House

Years later, I went to Amsterdam with my husband. We saw the house Anne Frank grew up in. After reading book after book about the Holocaust while growing up, seeing Anne Frank’s house, was one of the most surreal events I have ever experienced.

Remember the Holocaust, Anne Frank Museum
I remember walking in and seeing an encased book the names of people killed.

Right then and there I started bawling.

I went through the rest of the tour with blurry and teary eyes. As I walked up the steps, I imagined Anne Frank walking the same steps with her family. I looked out the same window she looked out and wondered how many days she would have left in this world.

Discover Anne Frank, Remember the Holocaust
Can you imagine what Anne Frank would think of all the events in the United States right now?

What about Winston Churchill and FDR? All the people that fought against the Nazis so many years ago? Now, white supremacists feel they have a voice?

United Front

As a United front, we must have a louder, stronger voice of love and tolerance rather than hate and supremacy. We need to not only remember the Holocaust but make sure we speak out against hatred. As privileged Americans, we happen to let a little hate slide now and then. Then these hate groups take our silence for acceptance. Therefore, these groups grow larger and larger.

Remember the Holocaust Again, Holocaust Rememberance, Anne Frank

As a mom, I want my two young boys to grow up in a peaceful, loving society. Be the society you want to see in the world. We can’t afford to be silent. We need to be the louder, more tolerant, more reasonable, voice in the world.

And please please remember the Holocaust… again.

That’s the Reading Scoop,




Back to School: Mother’s Day Out Edition

We’re two weeks away from Brandon’s first day at Mother’s Day Out. My two and a half-year old boy will now be in school two days out of the week. I know Mother’s Day Out is very different from school, but in this momma’s teary eyes, all  I imagine is my baby boy walking away from me, waving good-bye.

Mixed Emotions

Oh boy, do I have mixed emotions. I run the gamut of emotions as a mom including extreme joy, sadness, and guilt. I feel guilty that I want Brandon to start something away from me. I’ll have time for myself, some time with Brandon’s baby brother, and more time to devote to my business.

One side of me is SO excited for Brandon! Last year in Mops, he loved the two hours playing with other children his age in the childcare program, Moppets. Brandon even asked about Moppets over the summer. One Monday (our usualy Mops/Moppets day) at breakfast he asked, “Mommy, Moppets?” So, obviously, I know he will love Mother’s Day Out just as much. After all, he is going to Mother’s Day Out at the same place that he attended Moppets.

The other side of me, though, is so incredibly sad my baby boy is growing up so fast. First, Mother’s Day Out. Next, high school. Yes that’s dramatic, but gosh, how does time go so fast?

Mother's Day Out, Emotional, Mom, Motherhood

Tears and Cheers

I’m so glad my Mom’s group is doing a Tears and Cheers celebration so we can all celebrate and commiserate together. This is such a special time in our lives when our little ones go to Mother’s Day Out, Preschool, or Kindergarten for the first time. It’s awesome to have local moms that understand mom emotions.

My Precious Brandon

Brandon is so precious to me and I know his Mother’s Day Out teacher will love and adore him, too. I can’t wait for the notes that will come home to describe Brandon’s activities and all the ways he participated. I know he’ll be bursting with stories and want to show me his new creations and art projects. I can hear his little voice, “Mommy, I’ll show you, k?”

I’m so thrilled to hear about the new friends in his class and all the new things he’s learning. I can’t wait to sing new songs with him and hear stories after stories of his new friends.

Mother's Day Out, Back to School, Mom Emotions

While He’s Out

I hope to really make the most of the 9:30-2 hours he’s gone Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know the time will go fast. I hope to get caught up on housework, spend some quality time with Justin, my four-month-old, fit in my book business, and occasionally meet my family for lunch.

I’m looking forward to some bonding time with Justin without Brandon trying to tackle me from any direction. I’ll be able to focus a little bit more on Justin’s tongue exercises since his lip and tongue-tie revisions. Precious baby moments go by so fast. From the first laugh to the first crawl, I need to soak in as many of these moments as I can.

Mother's Day Out, Baby Bonding

So Many Questions

I’m not actually sure how much things will change in the coming weeks. Yes, my daily schedule will change to match with Brandon’s. But will he take a nap after his short nap at Mother’s Day Out? Will he Nap there at all when he’s so used to his cozy crib here? Will Brandon want to potty-train when he sees so many children not in diapers? Will he request to switch to his big boy bed sooner because of Mother’s Day Out?

So many things are about to change in three weeks time. How much will things change? Your guess is as good as mine.

Follow my journey through motherhood and my book business and be sure to follow me on social media @ReadCristina.

That’s the Reading Scoop,






The Best Direct Sales Company for Stay at Home Moms

Usborne Books & More, Direct Sales, Stay at Home Mom, Childhood

Many direct sales companies are great for stay at home Moms, but I believe one stands out among the rest. Usborne Books & More is the Best Direct Sales Company for a Stay at home Mom.

Here are 5 reasons this company is the best for stay at home moms:

1. Work your own hours any way you want!

Pick your Schedule

With Usborne Books & More, you can pick your schedule. Whether you work around nap times or your child’s Mother’s Day Out schedule, your schedule is complete up to you!

Choose how to work your book business

Also, you choose how you want to work your business. From Facebook Parties and Home Parties to book fairs at schools and daycares. We as consultants even have the opportunity to help families and organizations fund raise through Cards for a Cause.

There are even ways to work the business that include your young children. Play date Parties and Storytime sell the books and set you apart of the crowd.

2. Low start-up cost 

You can join Usborne Books & More for just $75. This includes 10 titles, business supplies, and a 6-month subscription to our website. The kit alone, pays for itself.

The other option, is a little more, but really the better deal at $125. For $50 more than the smaller kit, you get DOUBLE the books, at 20 books instead of 10. You can sell these books or keep them for you and your family.

New Consultant Kit Options, Usborne Books & More, Joining Fee, Stay at Home Mom

3. Supportive family- friendly teams

I started this business as a stay at home Mom, when my son, Brandon, was just six months old. When I started this business two short years ago, I had no idea the type of people I would meet on the Usborne Team. There are so many Uzzies willing to help out, whether they are on your team or not. My team, the Dreamin’ Big Team, is part of a larger training group.

Many of us are stay at home moms and we understand that our families come first. This may mean that we bring and wear our babies to a regional convention or while working a booth. Our leaders know what raising little ones take because they were in the exact same position years ago.

Team Work, Trainings, Usborne Books & More

We have trainings every Thursday around lunchtime. Leaders in Usborne Books & More lead their trainings in their area of expertise. Whatever your goals are for your business, your leaders and fellow teammates will help you get where you want to go!

4. Build a library for your children

Books are something you would be buying for your children anyway. This is how many others feel, too. Books are things that are needed, whether you have lots of money, or you’re on a tight, tight budget. Why not get them at a discount?

People may feel guilty buying new fashion items, but never, books.

Childhood, Reading Usborne Books, Peek Inside

5. You can Make a Difference

As a stay at home mom, we make a difference day after day, minute by minute. The problem is we may not feel it.

As a book lady, you will feel it and know what kind of difference you make! We have an opportunity to get high-quality, educational, and high-interest books into ALL kids’ hands in our communities. We help others through Book Drives and Cards for a Cause.

Cards for a Cause, Fundraiser, Usborne Books & More, Direct Sales, Stay at home Mom

Usborne Books & More has books that not only inspire children, but light a FIRE in children. We turn the “I hate reading” into “What can I read next?”

Who will you inspire? Your children? Yes, but will you also inspire hundreds of other children across our country?

Let your passion drive you with Usborne Books & More.

That’s the Reading Scoop,


Direct Sales Company stay at home mom Usborne Books


My Part in The Great Whale Adventure 2017

The Great Whale Adventure 2017, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Cordelia, Beatrice

The Day After Our Visit

When I woke up it seemed like it was all a dream as I knew it would. Was Michelle really there the night before? Was there a great whale adventure? Thankfully, little remnants appear around the house that  remind us Michelle was here. She brought us magnets for the refrigerator and a stack of newly signed books.

This note from Michelle will also remind us of her visit.

The Great Whale Adventure 2017 Author and Illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt Usborne Books & More Kane Miller
The biggest reminder, though,  that this was indeed not a dream, were the first words out of my two-year-old’s mouth the morning that she left. “Where is Michelle,” he asked.

Through Brandon’s eyes

After waking up, Brandon ran to get the shirt Michelle left for him, the shirt with Beatrice the whale on it. He said he wanted to wear it today. We took it off for breakfast so it would stay nice and clean. When I told him he couldn’t wear the shirt out he said we should just stay home.

I’m sure he’s going to wear that shirt quite often because it reminds him of Miss Michelle.

The Great Whale Adventure 2017, Whale Shirt, Beatrice, Cordelia, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Throughout the day, I noticed Michelle’s live videos on Facebook. Michelle regularly uses Facebook Live for her weekly Wednesday Storytime. She also uses the Live feature to update her followers on other life events including The Great Whale Adventure 2017. She was on Facebook live once in the morning after picking up her whale and again after she’d been on the road for a few hours.

At the time of her second video, I had already put Brandon, my toddler down for his nap. I knew he would want to see Michelle, though, so I sneak a peek to see if he was sleeping yet. He wasn’t and popped up right away.  On the Facebook Live video of the Great Whale Adventure 2017 I typed to Michelle, “Brandon says hi!” When she read that she said in her live feed, “Hi Brandon, Miss Michelle misses you,” to which Brandon replied while looking at me, “Michelle is talking to me.”

The Great Whale Adventure 2017

At this point, I guess I should tell you why author and illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to my house. I follow her fairly regularly on Facebook. I happened to be browsing Facebook and saw her post about possibly picking up a big whale in Houston this week. See, in the book Cordelia, Beatrice, a giant whale, plays a big part in the story. Michelle is also currently writing a middle-grade novel surrounding the relationship between Cordelia and Beatrice.

On Facebook, she asked  if anyone would be interested in hosting her as she would be driving to pick up the whale. I immediately responded with ok! as soon as I could. I feared all of Houston would be clamoring to host Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. There ended up being a few other offers, but with me being only 15 minutes from the whale, Michelle ended up picking me!

Live with Passion

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt lives like we all should, like there’s no tomorrow. She lives for her passion which drives her every move. The other day she said when you’re debating whether to pursue something ask yourself, “Does it excite you? Does it delight you? Say yes.” We all have some kind of fear in our lives, but we could all use a little more passion and drive.

If you have the chance to meet or work with Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, do! If not, follow her story on Facebook and you will find nothing but constant inspiration!

Be on the lookout for Michelle’s future books, which I will keep up-to-date with on my blog and business page.

I’d love for you to join my community!

That’s the Reading Scoop,


P.S. Here’s an adorable video ​of Michelle reading with Brandon!





The day Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to visit 

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Why? Because this day will forever be known as the day author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to my house!

Don’t know Michelle Nelson-Schmidt? You should! She is one of the most positive and inspiring people you will ever encounter. She came to Houston, where I reside, for the Great Whale Adventure 2017… but I’ll get to that later.

Michelle arrived around 7:45, shortly after my family and I finished eating dinner. I was in the middle of nursing when the doorbell rang. As my husband got the door, I quickly finished nursing Justin so I could greet Michelle. Michelle and I hugged before she shook hands with Daniel. After,  I introduced her to my children.

Brandon took to her immediately. He showed her several of his cars. Sitting on the couch, Michelle would ask him to find a green car. He would race to the stairs to find one among the pile of cars on the stairs and hurry back to the living room to show her. “What about a red car?” He ran again to his collection of cars to quickly find a red one to show Michelle. He did this several times. By the end he was out of breath from all the running.

After this, Michelle ate dinner and we talked a bit about the Usborne Books & More business, how long I’d been with the company, etc. I then had to put Justin, my 4 month-old to sleep. I took a few quick pictures of Michelle with my boys before putting Justin down.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, visit, Kane Miller, Usborne Books & More, books
Little did I know the sight I would see when I came back from putting Justin to sleep.  Brandon, almost two and a half, was sitting in Michelle’s lap as she read one of her picture books to him.

Whatif Monster, Books, reading, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Usborne Books
She read book after book to him as she asked him questions like “how many monsters are on this page?” “What color is this bird?” She asked, “What is Cordelia looking at now?” “Where is the moon?” As they finished book after book, Brandon asked for a few books more until they had read every single book Michelle brought.

After reading so many books, my husband, Daniel, took over with Brandon, while Michelle and I sat on the couch with wine and chatted.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, wine, author, books, friends
We talked more about Usborne Books & More, Kane Miller, how we met our husbands, working with schools and libraries, and so many other topics under the sun. Conversation flowed for hours until we both had to go to bed.

Look out for my follow-up post about Michelle’s visit.

In my meantime, be sure to follow me on Facebook.

That’s the Reading Scoop,




The Best Books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's Best Children's Books

Discover the books by author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. Michelle Nelson- Schmidt is one amazing writer and illustrator. With six books to her name through her publisher, Kane Miller, she is inspiring children and adults every day. Here’s a little more information about books by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Books by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt:

Bob is a Unicorn

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

In this story by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Bob thinks he’s a unicorn, but the other animals just don’t see it. This story teaches to be who you are despite what others see in you or say about you. It also teaches to be passionate and creative.


Dog and Mouse

books by Author Michelle Nelson-SchmidtIf you’re looking for an adorable book about friendship, Dog and Mouse is for you! The character, Dog, searches and searches for the perfect companion. Mouse helps him look. Throughout their friendship search, Dog realizes Mouse is who he was searching for all along! This story will bring a tear to your eyes and a smile to your face at the same time! A true treasure!

Dogs, Dogs!

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Who doesn’t love a great rhyming book about dogs. Lovely and unique adjectives fill the pages of Dogs, Dogs. Which dog do you like best? Lazy, fast, dirty? Interact with this adorable book by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and use the mirror at the end to discover which dog fits you best!


Cats, Cats!

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt


Are you more of a cat lover than a dog lover? Then, Cats, Cats! is purrfect for you! (pun intended) Cats, Cats! is filled with rhymes and descriptive language. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt shows off her artistic skills as well as her way with words. For just $5.99, this is a great book for toddlers and up! Just like Dogs, Dogs!, find your picture in the mirror in the end to see what kind of cat you are!

Books with Plushes:


books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt


This uplifting story is one of Michelle’s best! It’s great for young and old alike. Cordelia believes she can fly and has all the confidence in the world until others tell her she’s can’t. Watch Cordelia pick herself up and prove everyone wrong! Cordelia would make the perfect graduation gift and is a MUST-HAVE for any home!


Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Another book by Nelson-Scmidt is Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. Jonathan James , like so many children, doubts himself at every turn. He’s constantly questioning himself, or the Whatif Monster does it for him. The Whatif Monster asks, What if you fall? What if they laugh? Jonathan turns the negative language around to see that life can be full of surprises, good and bad. This is the perfect story for the chronic worrier in all of us!


Enjoy these books? Come check out the full selection Usborne Books & More has to offer.

Join my community of Readers! We’d love to have you!

That’s the Reading Scoop,

Read Cristina

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt