How to Run a Successful $5 Book Day

You’ve joined the greatest direct sales company! Now what? Have you heard of the $5 Book Day? This is an awesome way to work with local schools in your area.

5 Tips to Rock your $5 Book Day

Here are 5 tips I’ve used to create an awesome $5 Book Day

Use Consignment to get Great Titles

Use your consignment to get $5, $6, and $7 titles. Be sure to make use of sets to save even more money. You will reconcile your consignment when getting the schools free books.

Remember the school will receive 25% in Free Books instead of the usual 50% through a book fair. This is because of the additional savings that go directly to the students.

Choose Titles Strategically

Did you know pink sells better than not pink? If there are books in a series, get the first in the series because it’s the first and then get pink because, well, it’s pink!

Some of the Extreme Adventures sell better than others. For me, Shark Bait sells better than the rest because it looks scarier.

After a $5 Book Day, keep a log of what sold and what didn’t so you can adjust for future $5 Book Days.


Advertise through stickers, flyers, and the school’s Facebook page if they have one.

Get the $5 stickers from Order Pro for the students to wear home the day before the Book Day. Also, get the $5 Book Day Posters while you’re at it. The school can hang these up in the hall.

There are flyers for purchase in the back office to go home with the students. Personally, I create my own to ensure that the titles shown will definitely be at the Book Day. There’s a sample flyer from this year below.

Austin New $5 Book Day PDF

Lastly, contact the librarian or person you’re working with to find out the contact for the school’s Facebook page. Create an enticing graphic to post on their page or post on your Facebook Business Page and have the school share on the school’s Facebook Page.

The school will also advertise through announcements and their newsletter to get the most Free Books possible. Don’t be afraid to ask how they usually advertise events!

Preview Day

Have a Preview Day, especially if this is the school’s first $5 Book Day. This gets the students and staff excited to get these books. You’ll definitely have a bigger success with a preview day, but if not, every year will get better in sales!

Allow Student Ordering

Unless you’re ordering thousands of dollars in consignment, a title might run out. Allow students to order a title if that title runs out. This can work one of two ways.

With a Preview Day

If students absolutely loved a particular book during the preview day, they will remember that book.

At my last $5 Book Day, a student said, “There was a pink book right there,” as she pointed to the end of the table. I knew exactly which title she wanted.

Without a Preview Day

Without a preview day, you should put a little sticky note or a bookmark on the last book to let you know it’s the last copy. Keep the last copy out for everyone to see. If they want to order it, write their name, teacher’s name and the title down. (I created a list on excel of the teachers ahead of time to save a little time.)

My last $5 Book Day I had 16 books ordered through the students. Most of these were 4th or 5th graders, which I expected. They receive their books when the school gets their Free Books.


I hope you enjoyed my tips! Stay in touch!




Perfect Books for Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner! Here are awesome books to fill your child’s Easter Basket according to age.

Perfect Books for Easter Baskets

Books for babies and 1-year-olds

Perfect Books for Easter Baskets

Before I get into the books, check out this adorable Whatif Monster, perfect for an Easter Basket or Book Basket at home.

Perfect Books for Easter

Are You There, Little Bunny?

Find the bunny hiding throughout the book. This bunny is a better hider than we think! Your child will love this adorable hide and seek book!

Perfect Books for Easter Baskets

That’s Not My Chick

This is one of the newest “That’s Not My” Books! What an adorable touchy-feely edition for Easter!

Easter Baskets by Age

Nursery Rhymes

The fold-out books are perfect for young babies spending a lot of time on their stomachs for tummy time. Start reading Nursery Rhymes young!

Easter Baskets by Age

Books for a 2-year-old

Easter Baskets by Age

Baby’s Very First Tractor Book

This book is the sequel to Baby’s Very First Bus Book! Toy and book in one! The wheels really move and the story is adorable, too!

Easter Baskets by Age

All Better 

One of our best sellers, All Better, is filled with animals, bandages, and injuries. Put them all together and make them all better!

Easter Baskets by Age

My First 100 Words

Practice describing pictures early on with this beautifully illustrated book. Never run out of concepts to teach with My First 100 Words.

Easter Baskets by Age

Books for a 3-year-old

Easter Books by Age

Who’s Wearing a Hat?

This adorable and sturdy book is great for babies-3 year-olds. Ask lots of questions in this rhyming gem.

Easter Baskets by Age

Big Book of Big Animals

I love animal books! And the Big Books do NOT disappoint either. Each big book comes with 4 giant fold-out pages. Facts and beautiful pictures fill each page with lots of learning to come!

Big Book of Big Animals

Colorful World: Prehistoric

Every page is these board books has a puzzle to solve. Find what’s different or make up your own puzzle. My own son loves these books!

Easter Baskets by Age


Hope you enjoyed these goodies for Easter Baskets by Age! New Titles Come Out Soon! I’ll be sharing first in my community! Come join us there!






6 ways to Rock your Usborne Books & More Business

Home Parties

Home Parties are cozy and fun! Girls Nights, Wine, and Books! After introductions, have each guest pick up a book to share with the whole group. This will get everyone thinking and talking about the books!

Home Parties are great for getting one-on-one time in with the guests. They’re also awesome for a night away- for both the guests, the host, and the consultant!

Enjoy your Home Parties!

*Helpful Tips: Think small when packing for a home party. Less is More. Bring a small variety of books to keep a simple fun, atmosphere without being overwhelming.

6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business

Facebook Parties

Who doesn’t love a party right from home, on your phone, and in your pjs? I love Facebook Parties. Fun, without the hassle of a home party. No getting all dolled up. Just plan out the posts and get ready to rock your party.

Want to up your Facebook game? Check out this AWESOME training! It definitely took my Facebook parties to the next level with fun themes. A few of the themes I have personally worked are Romantic Comedies (for February), Christmas, New Year/New You, and 90s. There are so many ways to go with these fun themes using the same format taught in this training. 

*Helpful tips:

Plan out your games before hand and get information on the party guests from the hostess before the party. Go LIVE to spark some party engagement. Want to up your game with great hostess coaching? Check out this amazing training as well!

Vendor events

Vendor events are an awesome way to get out of your warm market and meet some new people. My favorite vendor events are in the fall, usually held at a school carnival. Vendor events are also awesome leading up to Christmas. Just before Christmas is an amazing time to sell books. People are ready to stock up for their children and grandchildren.

*Helpful tips:

Be sure to bring a good supply of inventory as well as booth slips and business cards. Also, make friends with the other vendors! You never know what connections might come from it!

Schools and Libraries

Oh my goodness! I could go on and on (but I won’t ;)… ) about all the ways to work with Schools and Libraries. To see the detailed list, check out my blog focused specifics on Schools and Libraries.

Different possibilities include:

  • Author Visits
  • Books Fairs
  • $5 Book Days
  • Reach for the Stars, a reading incentive program
  • Literacy for the Lifetime, a grant program used for Free Books

As a former teacher, I love working with schools. I love seeing a child’s face light up with learning. That’s what I miss as a teacher, seeing the lightbulb moment. I love the fact that I’m still able to contribute to literacy and life-long learning while still staying home with my babies. 

6 ways to rock yourUsborne Books & More business

Storytime at a local boutique

This is one way that excited me most! Find a local retail or resale shop that regularly brings in new customers with their children. I found a local shop that even has a space devoted to childhood and play. I get to read stories to the children that come and then chat with their moms as they browse a bit of my selection.

This is a win-win for my business and the shop’s!


Cards for a Cause is the best fundraiser I’ve ever seen! 30 embellished greeting cards come in a beautiful box with dividers. Sell these boxes for $30 each, or $1 per card. These cards would sell for $3 or $4 in the stores!

Then, the organization makes $13 per box sold. Imagine the groups you could help through this fundraiser!

This past December I helped a Moms Groups raise over $300 to sponsor a family for Christmas. They were able to get the family of four set for the Christmas holidays!

6 ways to rock you Usborne Books & More Business

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6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business




Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

It’s always great to meet awesome experts in your field. I work as an Educational Service Representative for Usborne Books & More. One of the best parts of being a book lady,  is interacting with authors and illustrators.

Melanie Hope Greenberg

Over the past few weeks I’ve chatted with  illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg. Melanie graciously offered to come into my VIP Group to have a Question and Answer Session. I was blown away from this offer from an illustrator of over 16 books!!!


Even better, we sell one of her beautiful picture books, Americanly. Americanly, written by Lynn Parrish Sutton, is a sweet rhyming book describing many of the most beautiful landmarks of America. The whimsical illustrations match the playful text perfectly.

Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Question & Answer Session

Melanie definitely has a passion for what she does. In our question and answer session, my group members and I learned that Melanie is self-taught and loves drawing pretty much everything. We also learned a little about the illustrating process. I never knew publishers put authors and illustrators together. Illustrators and authors don’t contact each other for various jobs, at least in Melanie’s case.

It was amazing to be able to share Melanie with my group! Several people asked Melanie questions and found the answers fascinating. I myself am keeping this Question & Answer Session in my group for new members to discover. I can also pass on this new knowledge to aspiring illustrators I meet during my school visits.


Childhood can be so stressful these days with testing and even world problems. Sometimes we need a little more childhood and a little less stress. I like Melanie’s illustrations for this reason. They’re sweet and calming. Melanie often shares her illustrations on her Facebook page if you’re interested.

As a mom, a reader, a teacher, and a dreamer, I love any opportunity to work with or learn from an enthusiast in their field. Many other book ladies would be lucky to learn from her as well.

Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Book Ladies, Authors, Illustrators, and Publishers all work towards the same goal in the work of Children’s Literature. We work to inspire children and  pass on literature to the next generation. I will follow Melanie’s work and look forward to future encounters as well as future books!

If you would like to learn more about Melanie Hope Greenberg, read this!

If you would like to hear storytime from me featuring new titles, join my group!




Do I Have Time for Direct Sales?

So many people feel they don’t have time for direct sales or the gym or cooking or basically anything. A lot of times I’m one of these people.

You may not have a lot of time, but direct sales may not require as much time as you think.

Work when you Can

I work mostly during nap time. I stay at home with my two boys, so my time is definitely limited. With a toddler and baby, my attention is mostly elsewhere.

Work Smarter, not Harder

Work Smarter, not harder.  Stick to a reasonable and flexible schedule. Do Money Tasks First Every Single Time.

Fit in small tasks in between activities or your everyday life. Carve out time for larger tasks especially parties.

Do I have Time for Direct Sales?

Build Relationships

So much of direct sales is misunderstood and seen as spammy! Shame on these direct sellers. We are creating a service and a business, so we shouldn’t be prying or begging!

Our number one goal should be to build relationships. Build relationships where you are. At work, in your Moms Groups, at church, and wherever else you already are!

Just like you would recommend your friend that does awesome massages, is the best tax attorney or you know the best plumber in the area, people will recommend you for your service and the product you sell.

Passion Sells

My passions lie in education, child development, and reading. When you sell books through Usborne Books & More, you can very easily and naturally talk to people through your passion.

Each time we come out with new books, I am energized again about why I do this and how easy it is to share these adorable and educational masterpieces.

There is a large market for books, as there is with many other products.

Be creative. Do storytime. Throw your own parties. Have children create reviews.

Share where you are already. Share where your friends and family are already: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.




Work from Home for $40

start a business for $40

New Beginnings

I love the new year. Resolutions! Promises! Fresh Starts! So many blessings to reflect on from the previous year and so many blessings to look forward to.

I’m so grateful for my family and friends, but I’m also very grateful to work with Usborne Books & More. Being with the company over two years now, I have had countless parties, held several book fairs, fundraisers, and matched children with the perfect books.

This February you can join Usborne for just $40! I joined when the deal was $55 a couple of years ago. This is the lowest I’ve seen!

Promote Literacy

This is the perfect time to join because the school and library division opened up for the first time in 2 years! That means you can work with schools to fundraise, hold book fairs, reading incentive programs, author visits, and more! (As a former teacher, I LOVE working with schools!)

Learn New SkillsWork from Home for $40

When working direct sales, you learn so much about yourself, business, and life!

Not only have I learned about Usborne through the weekly trainings we have, but I’ve also learned from other direct sellers about mindset to help me in other areas of my life as both a wife and a mother.

As I just stated, take these new skills and transfer them to other areas of your life.

Consultant Kit

Work from Home for $40

This consultant kit comes with:

  • 7 Titles (pictured in the image above)
  • 5 Spring 2018 Usborne Books & More Catalogs
  • 20 Spring 2018 Mini Catalogs
  • 50 Customer Order Forms
  • 10 Host Guides
  • 6 Month E-Business Package
  • Branded Box

Start a Business for $40

Start Now

Where would you start first? A party launch? Working your contacts with schools? Fundraising for a great cause with Non-Profits?

$40 is one of the best deals around to start your own business. Start Now and I’ll be there to guide you in the process I love! Spreading literacy while supporting my family!

Work from Home for $40

I’ll show you the tricks of the trade and introduce you to some other awesome leaders! Join me in an awesome mission of promoting literacy!

Any questions? Contact me @ for any further questions. I look forward to working with you!



If You Love The Greatest Showman, You will Love these Books!

I just saw The Greatest Showman. Talk about inspirational! If you got half as much inspiration from The Greatest Showman as I did, you will fall in love with these inspirational books!

Some of my favorite Inspirational Children’s Books:

If you Loved the Greatest Showman, you will love these books!


I left The Greatest Showman so inspired! I left wanting to conquer the world. This book can inspire, too. This is such a cute story of a bear that wants to read. This is the perfect inspiring story for any young reader. Light the fire in your young reader and inspire them to read for life!



If you Loved the Greatest Showman, you will Love these books


Scribble & Author is an awesome story about writing a story. It can also remind us that we are the writers of our story. We can choose how our live ends up, just like P.T. Barnum did seen in The Greatest Showman. Keep inspiring others in your life and you will live an inspired life.


If you Love The Greatest Showman, you will Love these books

This awesome adventure series is the perfect story for anyone that has self-doubt or is insecure about their abilities. Although this is a series, each story can easily stand alone. Learn new life-saving skills while reading this simple, yet powerful chapter book. Perfect for 2nd-4th graders or even awesome for a read-aloud starting at 6 or 7 years old.


Inspirational Books by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt:

Before I get into the books, this author, much like The Greatest Showman is awe-inspiring.

 Michelle Nelson- Schmidt is one amazing writer, illustrator, and friend.  She oozes inspiration just like the songs in The Greatest Showman are my new workout (or cleaning) mojo theme! Here are some of my favorite stories written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Bob is a Unicorn

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

In this story by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Bob is a little different, just like many of the characters in The Greatest Showman! Bob thinks he’s a unicorn, but the other animals just don’t see it.  Just like in the movie, some people didn’t see the excitement of P.T. Barnum’s circus. This story teaches to be who you are despite what others see in you or say about you. It also teaches to be passionate and creative.


Dog and Mouse

books by Author Michelle Nelson-SchmidtIf you’re looking for an adorable book about friendship, Dog and Mouse is for you! The character, Dog, searches and searches for the perfect companion. Mouse helps him look. Throughout their friendship search, Dog realizes Mouse is who he was searching for all along! This story will bring a tear to your eyes and a smile to your face at the same time! A true treasure!




Other Inspirational Books (with Plushes):


inspiring books

I’m probably going to end up seeing and buying The Greatest Showman. Just like that movie, this is a book to read again and again! This uplifting story is one of Michelle’s best! It’s great for young and old alike. Cordelia believes she can fly and has all the confidence in the world until others tell her she’s can’t. Watch Cordelia pick herself up and prove everyone wrong! Cordelia would make the perfect graduation gift and is a MUST-HAVE for any home!


Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

inspiring books

Another book by Nelson-Scmidt is Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. Jonathan James , like so many children, doubts himself at every turn. He’s constantly questioning himself, or the Whatif Monster does it for him. The Whatif Monster asks, What if you fall? What if they laugh? Jonathan turns the negative language around to see that life can be full of surprises, good and bad. This is the perfect story for the chronic worrier in all of us!


Enjoy these books? Come check out the full selection Usborne Books & More has to offer.

If you’re looking for inspiration, some cute stories, and some fun join my community of Readers! We’d love to have you! 

We have a special guest illustrator visiting soon! Hope to see you there!

That’s the Reading Scoop,

Read Cristina




5 Memorable Quotes from The Greatest Showman

I just watched the most inspiring movie, The Greatest Showman. My word of the year is Inspire and this completely fits the definition.

word the 2018: inspire

I laughed. I cried. And I definitely clapped at the end! Don’t tell, I also wrote down a few quotes! They were too good not to remember!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“A Man’s station is only limited by his imagination”

Stuck in a rut? When is the last time you really let yourself dream? Dream. Dream big! Create a vision board like we are in my group. Not in my group? I’d love to have you! Shout your dreams to the world and allow yourself a few minutes to just imagine. Then, make realistic goals to get you a step further to reaching your big dreams.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“We can live in a world that we design.”

This goes right along with vision boards and our imagination. We cannot change everything around us, but we can affect so much of our world. Take a piece of your life that annoys you. Disorganization. Flaky friends. Take the opportunity this new year to design the world you want. Spend your time wisely. Spend time with people that deserve it. Get a new job! 

Just like an architect designing a house, have some fun with crayons and paper. Design your dream life and live it!

5 Memorable Quotes from The Greatest Showman

“Comfort is the enemy of progress.”

Big dreams are scary. There’s a reason “out of our comfort zone” exists. We get comfortable in our routine. Change is scary, but without change we will not grow. Our circumstances will not get any better, either. What is one definition of insanity? Isn’t it when we keep doing the same things, but expect a different outcome?

If something isn’t working, change it. If we want something more in our life, we need to try something new. Talk to someone new. Reach out to an old friend. Ask for a raise. Workout differently. Eat better. We’ll never know the outcome unless we try.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“I make no apologies. This is me.”

I have lived so much of my life worrying about what other people think. Do I measure up? Why can’t I be more like ________?

Stop comparing yourself to others! Make no apologies. Be yourself and be proud of it. Make a list of your strengths and your favorite traits. Tell someone close to you what you are proud of. Then, think about one trait or skill you would like to improve on.

Be your self. Be your best self and keep striving to be better.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“What’s waited til tomorrow starts today.”

This last quote really hit me. Why wait for tomorrow when awesome could start today! Keep your vision and your goals handy so you can look at them daily. Begin your best life today!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

Next time you’re at the theatre, see The Greatest Showman. It’s worth every penny! And, if you’d like to see some inspiring children’s books, start here!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

Keep in touch! If you’d like some inspiration on pinterest, click here.

I’m looking to inspire and be inspired this year! Come and say hi in my group when illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg comes by for a Q & A just for my VIPs!