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The Easiest Way to Teach your Child to Read

Teaching your child to read can be one of the most challenging and exciting times as a parent. My 4 year old will soon be going to kindergarten, but I felt he was really ready to learn to read from his knowledge of all the letters in the alphabet and the sounds they make. I…

The Best Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Through my monthly Storytime, I get to see which books children gravitate toward over others. What can happen when children interact fully with books? Children see reading as fun Children pick up new vocabulary Children want to read books over and over again. (There are so many benefits from re-reading, but we’ll get to this…

Books for Parenting

Books that Make Parenting Easier

There are so many questions that can go through your mind as a parent. Why not make some parenting issues easier? Here I’ll introduce you to books that can help with Homework, Boredom, Church, Waiting for Appointments/Restaurants, Emotional Awareness, and Potty Training. Homework Helpers Homework or help with studying can be the biggest headache. Math,…

The Perfect New Books for Valentine’s Day

New Titles are in and two of these are the absolutest cutest book you will love for Valentine’s Day. The Apple of my Pie You’ll love looking at these familiar sayings in a new way in this adorable board book. Turn the page the regular way or use the peek through to turn the page…

Math Books with Usborne Books & More

Math is such a big concept and includes so many different topics. Abstract concepts like an actual addition problem using numbers and symbols like a plus sign must be combined with pictures for a visual. It’s much better to teach concrete first with pictures and later add in the numbers and number sentences. Here are…

Reusable Sticker Books

Reusable Sticker Books

Reusable Sticker books like All Better are best-sellers for a reason. Our children fall in love with them. Because children love them, it’s great to use them as a reading tool at the same time. Reread Again and Again Hold on to your boredom everyone! Reading the same book again and again can be a…

Magic Painting

Usborne Magic Painting Books

Usborne Magic Painting Books Usborne Magic Painting Books are the perfect quick activity during meal prep or lazy afternoons. I’m a non-craft loving momma, so these books are perfect for me because they require no paint!!! They only use water! Watch below and see the transformation. This is just one of the magic painting books…

Why Join My Usborne Books & More Team?

Should I Join Usborne? This is a questions I hear a lot! The short answer is Yes!  When you choose to join UBAM, why should you join MY team? 1. Social Media Strategy You found me either through Pinterest (Blogging), Google(Blogging), Instagram, or Facebook! I can teach you how to be found in the same…

Read with Usborne

Read with Usborne Read with Usborne is a series of Early Readers ranging from Level 1-4. Parents can read these early readers with their children around age 4. Children will grow into reading these books on their own starting at Level 1. Level 1 Level 1 Readers are around a first grade level. There are…